Spilsby Grammar School Foundation
Provision of grants to pupils under the age of 25 to assist with the costs of further education

SPILSBY GRAMMAR SCHOOL FOUNDATION (Registered Charity No. 1043808)

Spilsby Grammar School was founded in 1550 by order of King Edward VI and endowed by the Willoughby family. The School was funded and administered by Foundation Governors until various Education Acts finally gave the Local Education Authority control of both the running of the School and its funding in 1952.

Spilsby Grammar SchoolOver its long history various benefactors had made gifts of property and funds to assist with the financing of the School and in 1894 the School became a Registered Charity and a Scheme for the future administration of the School was prepared at that time. This Scheme, with various amendments, was operative until the closure of the King Edward VI Grammar School in 1990.

At this time a New Charter had to be agreed with the Charity Commission for the continuation of the Foundation, which had considerable assets, these formed the whole of the Grammar School site and buildings, the swimming pool site, ATC site, some small parcels of land and various prize funds. All of this formed the 'permanent endowment' of the charity and it was agreed the income from these should in future be used by the Trustees to 'promote education in Spilsby & District' The Trustees decided this should take the form of

> SPILSBY GRAMMAR SCHOOL FOUNDATION currently has funds available to assist former pupils of KING EDWARD VI SCHOOL