Spilsby Grammar School Foundation
Provision of grants to pupils under the age of 25 to assist with the costs of further education


King Edward VI Humanities College would like to thank the Grammar School Foundation for their very generous donations to students of the college.
The Foundation has sponsored clip-on ties for all students of the college, allowing improvements to standards of college uniform to improve dramatically. Students may no longer change tie length or size and instead conform to a very regular wearing of college ties. Visitors and parents have remarked on the improvement, which would not have been possible without the generosity of the Foundation.

Additionally, the Foundation has supported the college in sponsoring 'al fresco' dining in the old quad. College funds and PTFA monies were added to Foundation donations to purchase awnings, furniture and hedging to revamp an old area of the college into a brighter more user friendly out door picnic area. Students are seen in the attached photos, wearing their new ties and enjoying the new facilities.

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